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Hanging out in Bellingham Washington before we leave to California!

Took a few nice days and enjoyed the sun while it was shinning up here in Bellingham Washington. We went down to Marine Park and walked out on the train tracks to this rocky kind of beach area to hang out when the tide is down a bit. Follow more of our adventure at

Curious on how to WIN at Social Media?

Depending   on how you want to use your website, seo and social media we can create a custom Social Strategic Game plan that brings you the results you are looking for. Our team can help customize your Social platforms and add some fresh blood into your accounts as well as we can work on creating content, stories and campaigns to drive attention and relevant traffic each day.!how-to-win-social-media/rzcsq

Do you work on your SEO or do you know the Value of SEO?

Depending on how you want to use your website we can create a custom strategic game plan that brings you the results you are looking for. Our team can help customize your site and bring some fresh air into it as well as we can work on creating content, stories and campaigns to drive attention and relevant traffic each day.!seo-value-1/kpo5f

Noggin Video Gallery

Noggin Video Gallery       Check out some of the videos we have created and some of our going out and exploring videos.!noggin-videos/cyljr

Noggin Photos and Gallery

Noggin Photos and Gallery      We love photography and love getting outside capturing mother nature's moments. Almost weekly you can see us out somewhere exploring beaches, trails, mountains, rivers and much more! Check out this gallery and follow us on Social Media!!noggin-photos/gluxl

Are you getting the Value of Social Media you thought?

Are you getting the Value of Social Media you thought?  Social Media has been either a great thing when I meet with clients or a thing that they scratch their head and do not know why it did not work or that the marketing agency did not do much for them. That is a bummer to hear for us because our clients have been happy and gotten great results when they are active and spending time on Social Media. When clients stop using our service or hire someone else they almost always call us back and resign a longer contract. Social Media should not be automated no matter how relevant the content. Social Media is about talking and engaging with your customers and friends not pushing articles of industry news in front of your friends and customers. Content pushing is what a lot of companies are doing and it is actually hurting social media a lot right now and in the long run. We help people bring life back to there social media and make it engaging while converting results to your website or

What is SEO and how does it work?

How does SEO work?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and a lot of people claim they are good or know at least what is going on but for most it is a mystery. A simple starting point with SEO is when you go to Google or a large search engine how do you or what do you search for and can you usually find what you are looking for very quickly? If you can find something by name pretty easily it means they most likely have good SEO or at least a lot of traffic for that search. If you have a website do you know how much traffic is coming to your website each week, month or year? How are people are finding your website? Do you know what searches they are using to find your website? Are the searches coming locally, statewide, nationally or Internationally? These are some simple starting questions to see where the business or organization is at and seeing what they understand of there website and how people are using it to access what they are needing. Give us a call to learn more and

Wondering how your #Website works?

Have you been wondering how #Websites work? A #Website has a lot of moving and functioning pieces that make it work or not! A lot of people wonder why they are not getting the traffic or conversions they are looking for! If you are someone looking for answers feel free to contact us!!how-websites-work/bkhse

Looking to #Rebrand or #Brand #yourself or #Business?

Are you looking to #Brand #yourself or your #Business ? Noggin Branding has a fun and easy process to get started! Click to read more and contact us to get started!!branding-strategy/v7fba

Whistler got purchased by Vail!

I have been skiing my whole life on Mount Baker and Whistler - Blackcomb as a kid and adult and to see someone purchase this is mind blowing! Read more here!

The 5 Auto shopping moments every brand must own

This was amazing to read as well as use some of these stats to pitch local auto dealers for online services! They were amazed!

Online Video ads drive purchase intent, drive consideration

How many people are capitalizing on this? I am working on this for a couple channels for myself! Lets chat!!!

SPEED is key to optimizing mobile experience

How mobile optimized are you or your business?

360 Fly Camera Exploring Adventure on Lake Whatcom

Doing a little filming with the 360 cam recently. Love exploring with this thing. ‪#‎ 360camera‬   ‪#‎ 360fly‬   ‪#‎ noggin‬   ‪#‎ usingyournoggin‬   ‪#‎ pnw‬   ‪#‎ bellingham‬ ‪#‎ lakewhatcom‬   ‪#‎ beach‬   ‪#‎ sand‬   ‪#‎ getoutside‬   ‪#‎ exploring‬ You can follow me on Instagram  @Nogginbranding

Walking around Bellingham with a different perspective! New Photos!

Love walking around with places I usually go but with a different perspective! Check these out!

#HappyEarthDay video and photos from Noggin Branding

Happy Earth Day everyone! I personally Love and Respect Earth Day! I love to be outdoors and help our environment in any way. Here is a nice little video of Blanchard Landing Zone in Bow Washington.

360 Fly camera walking around on some Jagged Rocks!

Starting to really like this 360 Fly video camera. Check out last Saturday when I was climbing around on some rocks in Bellingham Washington on Bellingham Bay! Watch here! 

How to Be Happy: 10 ways science backs to be a happier person - practical tips

Some great daily and monthly reminders and pretty simple things to keep me and you on track to being happy all the time. Enjoy!

BIG NEWS! Noggin has some new projects we are excited to announce!

The Noggin Team had a large #Breakthrough today and we are setting some new goals and opportunities up!  The #Noggin #Team is up to some #exciting #News and we will be launching some new ideas and campaigns soon! We are putting our noses to the #Grindstone to have some fun and come up with some amazingly creative projects that are going to end up benefitting YOU and EVERYONE around you! Excited to keep you all up to date!

2 COOL NEW websites we just finished

We just finished these 2 websites for our good clients Louis Auto Glass and Final Touch Auto Spa here in Bellingham Wa. They have a video on each of the home pages and we have some other cool paralax images and we have done a lot of SEO and Social Media work for these guys over the last 3+ years. Cheers to NEW Websites!

Toothpicks and a Timelapse with the 360 Fly

So the other day I decided to take 1hr and play with some toothpicks and clay and had some fun! Check this out! Make sure to watch the video below!

360 Fly Camera in Bellingham at Marine Park with a Gorgeous Sunset!

Yesterday Fanny and I went to Marine Park here in Beautiful Bellingham Washington to enjoy the warmth and sun yesterday! We took our books that we are reading. I am reading Autobiogrpahy of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and it is amazing and changing my life with releasing past limiting thoughts and beliefs and I am getting into the Yogic state of mind and its wild! Want to learn more and report back! We also took our cat Sushi and we took some Wine and read for about 2 hours. Get outside and enjoy it while you can! 360 Fly Go Pro

Why gamers should be part of your marketing

This is huge especially after Pokemon Go just came out!

The Lovely #SushiMystic and all of his... I don't have words for this

The lovely  #SushiMystic  and all of his... I don't have words for this haha other than I feel for you man I feel for you.  Fanny  catches you in your moments of glory all too often.  #OyVey

17 Ways to Grow Your Blog From Top Bloggers

I am reading through this and taking notes! Going to be putting this into practice to connect with thousands of others! Lets connect!

12 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind

This nails it on the spot pretty well! I have been living and learning how to navigate my mind well still actually... I love talking to people about their experience and hearing ideas they have when they are not sleeping. I have had some amazingly deep and productive thoughts come through when you least expect it!

Harvard Goes To The Himalayas – Monks With ‘Superhuman’ Abilities Show Scientists What We Can All Do

All I can say is wow! I love finding and reading this kind of information! Anyone read anything like this recently?

Understanding the ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness

I love this article. I am moving to Oahu very soon and we have been researching and learning the culture to respect and love the culture and local traditions. We are excited to go and after reading this it feels amazing to be heading to a place like this.

Egg-shaped tiny home that can go off-grid! Love this

This is so cool! My wife and I are planning on doing something like this in the future! Very cool! We have also built websites and worked with a few tiny house companies and learned a lot in the process! Noggin Branding

I got a Thumbtack Spotlight story!

Thumbtack is a large business to business and business to consumer services website to match people looking for a service and then a professional or professionals bidding on that job and then the consumer chooses who they want to work with.  Pretty cool! Here is my story!  What do you love about your job? Every day, I wake up and feel unlimited in terms of being able to provide not only assistance but real value and support to people's daily lives and businesses. I get to meet and work with so many different people, and their stories and walks of life make such businesses unique and make up the true essence of their brand. I get to watch brands and businesses grow in unbelievable ways, not only with profit but also with love, emotion, and motivation to help others, regardless of what business they are in. I manage brands, businesses, and marketing strategy. I am a web designer, search engine optimization, and social media expert. Who inspired you to start your own business?

Zoellas Monthly Youtube Earnings

This is amazing! Interesting to see what and why people watch her. People complain about how much she makes and what she talks about. Look people if you watch it you are helping her. It is how she is earning her  YouTube  earnings...…/youtuber-zoellas-monthly-earning…/

Loving the 360 Fly Video Camera!

Bought a 360 Fly Video Camera and have been taking it out and about everywhere with me! Take a peek at my 360 Fly Playlist. The cool thing about this camera is it is only $399 and it comes with its own software  to edit on your phone or computer and then share to your social media channels very easily. Take a peek here and remember to share! Noggin Youtube

Ever wonder how YouTube Extends the Reach and Engagement of Your Video Advertising?

I have been reading a ton of these Think with Google Articles and loving them! Here is a link to a great article about how YouTube Extends the Reach and Engagement of Your Video Advertising! Hit me up for any questions as I love talking about all of this! Click Here The Noggin Blog