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My Gratefulness today on 8/31/2015 at 9AM

8/31/2015  - Today I am grateful for waking up and feeling my stomach in pain and was still full from last night. As I purged my thoughts, stress and leftover food I came through a moment of clarity and felt restless and empty and just happy with feeling empty to look at that moment and realize this is my starting point today. At this point in time I can choose to go Up or go Down with my thoughts, emotions, problems or successes. Where do I want to go today? Who do I want to be today? Who cares!!!! I am Michael James and I can do anything I want in my life. I make the choices that affect me and my movements. If I fall then I have learned from the best place to fall and look up and ask who can I go up from here? If I have success I feel that and understand how I attracted this into my life. For today I am me. I am grateful to be me and to be breathing and thinking. Love yourself love your life.

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