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New Drone Video of Teddy Bear Cove on the Beautiful Bellingham Washington Coastline

So now that the drone is no longer and I have a tiny amount of free time I have been sifting through all of my drone footage and starting to work on mini edits. Hope you enjoy! This one is from Teddy Bear Cove on an early morning sunrise mission as well as to make it out/ around Dot Island which I have not seen much footage of before.
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A 4 Season trip to Mt. Shasta California!

Man my good friend Michael Dyrland and I took off on a Friday on April 6th and took off until April 15th with intentions of capturing photo, video and drone footage for a client in the Mt. Shasta area. The idea was easy show up shoot the hotel and the surrounding areas. Well when we showed up the weather changed and we soon experienced Rain, Snow, Sun and Clouds, Fog and everything in between creating for moment by moment content. We brought our Canon DSLR's and DJI Drones to capture 4 and 5k photo and video of the Wa, Or, Ca coastline and inland towards Mt. Shasta. Here are some of the images from the trip on my website here

First Snow at Mt. Baker with some Aerial Photo and Video! Enjoy

Sunday, October 8th I took my custom camper van and drove up to Mt. Baker to take some beautiful photos and video of the changing colors and the first snow of the season on Table Mountain, Mt. Baker and Artist Point. I brought up some snacks and sat in the van and on top of the van for amazing angles and to enjoy and relax with the energy of the mountains around me!

Here are a few of my captures from the day!

Finally a Drone Video edit from Washington to California of all of my favorite cinematic Drone shots!

I hope you all enjoy this! I just created my Washington to California Long Cinematic Drone edit. These are some of my favorite shots along the drive from Bellingham Washington to Los Angeles California.

Here it is -


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Drone Aerial video footage of a Residential Construction project with Sunshine Builders in Los Angeles

So I went out with Sunshine Builders to a Complete Home Remodel project in Woodland hills in Los Angeles valley and shot one of their projects. In this Home and Backyard remodel they installed Solar Panels and Solar System, AC Unit, New Ceilings, New Concrete, Removed Trees, Pavers, Gravel, Wood Chips and Landscape and Hardscape design.

Check out the video of the project!

Also Check out Sunshine Builders for all of your Los Angeles General Contracting needs!

Noggin Branding Drone Services -

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Want to Strike Gold online? Here are 23 surefire tactics to help you get to Digital Nomad status!

This is a great quick read and it has some great practical and advanced techniques and ideas to help you be a bit unique and to help you convert better business to your #Website and #SocialMedia noise!

23 tactics to helping you strike/ convert GOLD online!

Business Consulting services for any sized business! Amazing advice and connections!

A big part of me even thinking about starting a business is all the connections I will make and how can I best help them and the people they know. One of the key components to being in my mind successful and how you continue to grow your business is connections. I started a new business called Noggin Consulting that works very closely with the client and we internally analyze all the business operations to best create systems that will change the way you live and do business. Once in place, your life will be less stressful, more fun and definitely more purposeful.

In the upcoming days, I plan to create a video explaining the entire Noggin Consulting Business Referral Network. I will also be asking to the world who wants to join and partner with this business and help it get started. We are so close to rolling we first need the help of a few people and we are in business! More info to come but here is a snippet of what we are working to change the way people do business around the worl…