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The POWDER is coming

Hey Skiers and Snowboarders this Friday Nov, 18th Mt. Baker will be open get your stoke on! Bring your rock skis! Here are the most recent photos from the ski area!                                                             Mt baker snow pictures                                                   

Liet Branding and what we are about!

Liet Branding is doing a new face lift along with Liet Captures this week! Here is some updated information on Liet Branding and the superior services to our clients.Check us out here for everything you need to know on how we can help your business grow  Liet Branding's Company Info !

Great way to start the day!

DO I stand out or do I blend in! Can you see me now...

The Liet Portfolio has been added to!

We have been working with many new clients in the last few months and we have updated the website to show our clients and fans who we are working with and what we have created for them! Check out the fresh cotton!  Liet Unlimited Screen Print Portfolio

New videos to check out!

Liet Unlimited has had some time to edit some old footage and some footage that will hopefully make you laugh too. Here is some footage from our old garage. Our new garage is much bigger and we will be doubling our production! Here is the printer cruising through an order!

Liet Unlimited Updates

This Liet Unlimited Blog is where all of the Liet news will be posted and updated. We will be posting funny pictures, some videos of our company and interesting things that we get up to. We will be posting current client work along with finished projects to show our weekly or monthly scope of work to potential friends/ business interests. We want to keep people informed and actually learn about some of the process that happens when we work. We will be hopefully keeping it updated so it is close to a live feed from our garage or work space.