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Want to Strike Gold online? Here are 23 surefire tactics to help you get to Digital Nomad status!

This is a great quick read and it has some great practical and advanced techniques and ideas to help you be a bit unique and to help you convert better business to your #Website and #SocialMedia noise! 23 tactics to helping you strike/ convert GOLD online!

Business Consulting services for any sized business! Amazing advice and connections!

A big part of me even thinking about starting a business is all the connections I will make and how can I best help them and the people they know. One of the key components to being in my mind successful and how you continue to grow your business is connections. I started a new business called Noggin Consulting that works very closely with the client and we internally analyze all the business operations to best create systems that will change the way you live and do business. Once in place, your life will be less stressful, more fun and definitely more purposeful. In the upcoming days, I plan to create a video explaining the entire Noggin Consulting Business Referral Network. I will also be asking to the world who wants to join and partner with this business and help it get started. We are so close to rolling we first need the help of a few people and we are in business! More info to come but here is a snippet of what we are working to change the way people do business around the wor

Little #California life and enjoying my surroundings!

Little #California life and enjoying my surroundings!

Do you or your business need professional consulting services to truly grow into your potential?

I am starting a new business called Noggin Consulting and we are based in Los Angeles. We provide business & marketing consulting to help scale small businesses. On my website, I describe a little bit more about the business and the unique business model we have created. Click here for more information and if your business wants to partner with us please let me know! Noggin Consulting

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog - # 23 - Free Vs. Paid Local Directories

Are you deciding whether or not to pay for local directories to get more calls, emails and real leads for your business? Which sites would you choose and how do you know they work? I would setup the free profiles as best you can with all of your information and the best possible pictures. If you can get people to give you reviews this will help you look much better once connecting with potential clients. This video should give you some ideas and tricks to getting the best results.

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog # 22 - How to get your new business into local directories

Are you a new business owner and looking to be found in the search engines for the services or products you provide? Do you have a website? Do you have a Facebook Page or a Google+ page? Here are some quick tips and ideas on how to best setup your business online so people can find you and call you in your local market.

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog # 21 - How to live within your means when starting a business!

I see a lot of small business owners get over zealous and spend a lot of their hard earned money on things they should not be buying but rather reinvesting back into their businesses. Here are some ideas and quick tips to keep your eyes open and mind thinking "Do I really need that?"

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog # 20 - Professional and Online Networking Tips!

Are you wondering how you can network better or even where to network? In this vlog I tell you about how to network, tips, techniques and where to look into networking events. I have tried a ton of places and events and have met thousands of people and this is just advice from a 30 year old trying to have some fun and meet some awesome people. If you know of any other events or places to look let me know! Thanks

#SocialMediaTricks #15 How to start an online business! Advice and sites to look into!

I walk you through how I started a clothing business and used a lot of online tools to help it market itself. Starting a business can be a lot of fun but it can also be hard. Plan properly and make sure you have everything in place to get the best results as it takes times to get a business rolling and profitable. Hit me up for more information!