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#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog 15 - How to Start an Online Business!!!

Hey, everyone, it's Michael James here with another Social Media Trick. Vlog 15 is about how to start an online business as well as how to start a clothing company. For more info go to

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog 14 - Getting your Social Media Content out!!!

How do you grow your brand? Expand with quality content on your website and social media. Do you need more help or questions just comment below. For more info go to

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog 13 - Google Adwords Help!!!

Google AdWords is a struggle for a lot of small businesses so hopefully, this video helps out a bit! Let me know if you need help or have questions? For more info go to

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog 12 - Google Analytics HELP!!!

Need advice or help about Google Analytics then look no further. I have helped 100's of small businesses with their Google Analytics setting up and optimizing to get the best results to understand your website traffic. Use Google Analytics software as it is free and amazing. Michael James from Noggin Branding is here to help if you have questions or comments. For more info go to

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog 11 - Youtube Influencers!

Want to learn how to grow your YouTube account? I have some suggestions and tricks! For more info go to

#SocialMediaTricks - Vlog 10 - Twitter and it's many uses!

For more info and questions please let me know! 

#SocialMediaTricks - How to get MORE Likes to your social media accounts!

Hey everyone, I have been working on a new daily vlog where I talk about Tips and Tricks for people and business owners who want to know more about websites, seo and social media marketing. In this video, I talk about how to get more likes on your posts and pages!

#SocialMediatricks - How do you get more social media engagement

In this daily vlog I talk about how to get more social media engagement on your social media accounts. I use Facebook as the example as that is still the account that people want to know how to keep growing their accounts and what it takes to break into more followers. Let me know if you have questions?

#SocialMediaTricks - How to setup a Facebook Business Page

So here is the daily vlog with how to best setup and optimize a Facebook Business Page. This walks you through how to setup a page and how to best create the best opportunity for yourself and business online. I am going to be making a daily vlog with tips and tricks on social media, seo, web design and business and marketing help! Keep checking back for more!