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State of Grace Nov 18th 2015 Video Conference Call for Masters of the Journey

Masters of the Journey had its 1st Video Conference Call and we had Special Guest Brother Bob Trask from the Unity Spiritual Center. Masters of the Journey Unity Spiritual Center

Well today marks 4 years in Business for Noggin Branding!

Well today marks 4 years in Business for Noggin Branding! I wanted to send a HUUUUGE SHOOUUUTT out to all my friends, family, clients and connections over the years! Let's have some fun in 2015-2016$$$

Great TED Talk - Ron Finley~

I really liked what Ron has to say in his TED Talk. Watch this is you have a few minutes.  Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where "the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys."

Daily thoughts 9/1/2015

With my Birthday coming up on the 12th I am thinking and reflecting on all the positive and a little of the negative to learn from my mistakes this 28th year of life. As I transition into my 29th year I am really excited to be growing a lot as a person and spiritually I am opening some doors that I did not know how to previously even approach. As I gain confidence and insight into who I am as a person I feel so much more powerful and feel an unstoppable power rumbling inside of me. As I was waking up about 6am this morning I was feeling earths vibrations and getting recharged so to speak while clearing this dark black negative energy and replacing it with universal light to expand me to be me and exude my light and love to all others on this planet. It was a great morning and plan to do more of this work this late afternoon. Peace to all!

My Gratefulness today on 8/31/2015 at 9AM

8/31/2015  - Today I am grateful for waking up and feeling my stomach in pain and was still full from last night. As I purged my thoughts, stress and leftover food I came through a moment of clarity and felt restless and empty and just happy with feeling empty to look at that moment and realize this is my starting point today. At this point in time I can choose to go Up or go Down with my thoughts, emotions, problems or successes. Where do I want to go today? Who do I want to be today? Who cares!!!! I am Michael James and I can do anything I want in my life. I make the choices that affect me and my movements. If I fall then I have learned from the best place to fall and look up and ask who can I go up from here? If I have success I feel that and understand how I attracted this into my life. For today I am me. I am grateful to be me and to be breathing and thinking. Love yourself love your life.

#HAZMAT Surfing forecasts an ominous fate for future beach-goers

My LOVE of taking photos!

I generally try and get out 3-5 times a month and take the Canon DSLR and go out and explore, play, get lost what have you and get as lost in nature as I can. Took this last year while climbing around in Mt. Baker's Backcountry!

Million dollar 1 person businesses?

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Why Richard Branson Is the Most Popular Entrepreneur in the World

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Samsung attaches screen to semi-truck to show the road ahead

Pretty cool idea. I wonder how people will react to it and if people see the value in it? Click to read here

Need or want Brain Optimization and think like you are 20 again?

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I want to be riding one of these hoverboards to work!

This is a teaser of what is to come. Read here

Do any of you have a "Killer Social Media Strategy"? Contact me if you want to talk about some ideas!

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What Facebook’s Algorithm Change Means for Brands, Publishers, and the Future of Media

BuzzFeed Just Cracked the Code on How Social Content Spreads, and It’s a Big Deal

7 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Instant Articles

How Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers Consume Content Differently

Needing to create a B2B content strategy?

Buying habits for the 2015 consumer

The "NEED TO KNOW" infographics for Social Media users

Great to know how the #Socialmedia networks are being used and who is using them.

A good read about the possible "future" of mobile apps and marketing!

What is your opinion about SnapChat and how are you using it? 

One Is Greater Than Zero - Have you seen this from Gary Vaynerchuck?

This is the   about the   and  . It takes effort and work to get to the top. Great reminder!

Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms. Personal and Business uses

I came across this today and it was amazing and exciting to see what is quickly approaching as far as tech and multi-tasking! How would you use this?

First Noggin Meme

Thought we would start creating memes and using our photos from the last couple years of doing photography! Hope everyone is off to an amazing week! His name is Sushi and he is hairy like a #raccoon #Noggin #Noggincat

How do you treat your job? Are you always having to adjust and learn?

Most days this feels like a true statement! Staying on top of everything all the time.  ‪#‎ Fulltimejob‬   ‪#‎ Lovingthegame‬   ‪#‎ bringthechanges‬ ‪#‎ Madscientistmarketer‬   ‪#‎ LearnGrowMakeTheDough‬

Have you heard of Thursday Market referral listings?

This is a great way for any small business to get more free visibility on a new social media referral network! Check out my listing and create one for your business!