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Noggin Branding - Starting to do Daily VLogs and Tips and Tricks for Social Media and much more!

Hey, everyone, I have been busy moving to the Los Angeles area and ended up in Santa Monica/ Westwood area for a bit! I am loving it down here it is so much more fun and beautiful than previously imagined. I am very glad I made the move from Bellingham Washington to here. I am currently still working and building Noggin Branding as well as pitching and growing Noggin Consulting.  So far I am really happy with the connections I have been making and looking to expand it a lot in the coming weeks. What I have decided to do was start creating a Youtube account that talks about Business, Marketing and Consulting to help more people learn how to grow their business and help with the Digital Marketing that so many people are looking to learn and maximize on! Let me know your thoughts! I am going to keep it pretty raw and unedited to just keep producing content to get as many ideas out to help people! Please let me know if you have questions and maybe I will make a speci