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Revelation for me and EVERYONE

Some days I feel like my brain is not attached to me. I feel like it extends out past my body and more into the universe attracting people, ideas and motivation for myself, my life, my friends and clients. I have been taking personal time to really ask and talk to myself about my thoughts and beliefs and what I am wanting and attracting to my life. All I can say is for about the last 1.5 years it feels GOOD and like everything is making sense and WORKING for me and my clients . It is such a warm and tickling feeling that it is hard to sleep some days as well as sit still for long time because I feel I know what is coming (and it looks good for so many people.) For anyone that has ever met me or knows me at some personal level I am aware of you. I love each and every person and I truly from the bottom of my heart want to see each and every person around me succeed and really enjoy their life and have as much fun as friggen possible. I am attracting this into my life and sharing this wi