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Daily thoughts 9/1/2015

With my Birthday coming up on the 12th I am thinking and reflecting on all the positive and a little of the negative to learn from my mistakes this 28th year of life. As I transition into my 29th year I am really excited to be growing a lot as a person and spiritually I am opening some doors that I did not know how to previously even approach. As I gain confidence and insight into who I am as a person I feel so much more powerful and feel an unstoppable power rumbling inside of me. As I was waking up about 6am this morning I was feeling earths vibrations and getting recharged so to speak while clearing this dark black negative energy and replacing it with universal light to expand me to be me and exude my light and love to all others on this planet. It was a great morning and plan to do more of this work this late afternoon. Peace to all!