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The Noggin Podcast - Episode 6 - David George Brooke - That Gratitude Guy

  Welcome to the Noggin Podcast! Welcome to Episode 6 of the Noggin Podcast! Thanks for coming and checking out the 6th episode. In this season we will have 10 action-packed episodes with business tips and tricks, motivations, big ideas, and how to take your ideas and make them a reality. In this 6th episode, we get to know about David George Brooke and more about his amazing speaking, coaching, and consulting business called That Gratitude Guy. The Noggin Podcast talks about all things business, marketing, advertising, funding, finance and we bring in guests from all walks of life to mix up and bring quality content to educate and motivate people and business owners. We bring out ideas from your Noggin and into the real world. David George Brooke “That Gratitude Guy” Phone: Text: 206-371-8309 Email: Website: Monday Morning Minute Video: Text “GratitudeGuy” to 22828 “That Gratitude Guy’s Daily Gratitude Journal”

New DJI Mavic Air 2s at WWU and Fairhaven Washington Aerial Drone Video - Noggin Vlog

  New DJI Mavic Air 2s at WWU and Fairhaven Washington Aerial Drone Video - Noggin Vlog I took out the new Mavic Air 2s Drone for some aerial photos and videos of WWU campus at sunset and then went to downtown Fairhaven Washington to cruise around the marina and container ships in the bay. So recently in Bellingham Washington, we had some big container ships in the bay. I got some awesome drone videos and photos of the day and the surrounding area. This new drone flies really well and the footage results with the 1-inch sensor is awesome! Video link here! To follow more of my adventures check out my Youtube - ... To follow my Instagram check out - To follow me on Facebook check out - To see my Noggin Branding Marketing and Advertising Agency click here - My Link tree to ever other important links for Mi