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Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms. Personal and Business uses

I came across this today and it was amazing and exciting to see what is quickly approaching as far as tech and multi-tasking! How would you use this?

First Noggin Meme

Thought we would start creating memes and using our photos from the last couple years of doing photography! Hope everyone is off to an amazing week! His name is Sushi and he is hairy like a #raccoon #Noggin #Noggincat

How do you treat your job? Are you always having to adjust and learn?

Most days this feels like a true statement! Staying on top of everything all the time.  ‪#‎ Fulltimejob‬   ‪#‎ Lovingthegame‬   ‪#‎ bringthechanges‬ ‪#‎ Madscientistmarketer‬   ‪#‎ LearnGrowMakeTheDough‬

Have you heard of Thursday Market referral listings?

This is a great way for any small business to get more free visibility on a new social media referral network! Check out my listing and create one for your business!