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So today officially marks 10 years of starting and running Noggin Branding!

 So today officially marks 10 years of starting and running NogginBranding! So for 3,650 days, I have gotten to meet and grow businesses in every industry. I am extremely grateful to have gotten the chance to meet you, learn about your businesses, services, and products. It has been a dream to work within the Marketing Industry and truly provide extremely valuable ongoing branding and marketing services to so many people and locations over the years.

Now getting the chance to look back I get to see what worked, what has not, and what I want to accomplish in the next 5 to 10 years. 💪
Noggin Branding has been my baby and after being an expert in the marketing arena now I get to pivot and grow in the funding and finance industries and help communities, cities, and all 50 states for now. 🥳
I am excited to see what the future brings and I know where I will be spending my time with Solid Number as a Growth Agent and transforming businesses using my skills and connections. 😎
Thank you to anyone that reads this, has met me, or worked with me to any level. It has truly been a blessing to have you in my life and I really look forward to continuing each of our stories moving forward! 🤩
Please feel free to reach out, catch up, or let's let the Noggin play with some ideas and see what happens! 😛


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